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Take this oak its broad umbrella green and massive

Leaning comfortably upon its nest of feet below

Without a care she watches wisely exchanging hues with blues

Secure upon a faith that grips eternally her loving earthly garden

Bearing fruit and offering up her bowing praise dependent

On her yet unseen yet powerful lattice deep as you can go

Oh withered dying man now ending ‘neath your weight

We foolish jaded cowards green strangle you a mile a day

Until you scream at last in silence for just the sun and air

Now standing tall  and timeless gone you rest before us proud

If silent, your visage holds its court of citizens remembered

Withstanding all through time your many adaptations proved ascendant

Over cruelest nature, long ago she surrendered with respect

The hawk the wren the quail even Gila woody too

Each day in every way drew shelter then returned

Sweet cradle offered to the moon these new creations

Breezes loving rituals whispered by her silhouette

Now a headstone stark it stands petrified by life.

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