Do It Fool

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Act mean no do it real

Create an act of violent disobedience

Create a personal plunder of record proportion

Steal with perfidy soak your progeny


Put it in your pipe

Smoke it smoke it smoke it up.


Begin your training find some lawyers

Observe and listen, build a trust

Protect your violent hoard

You’ll need it if you get out.


Put it in the bank

Count it count it count it all.


Plan an act attack against society

First write your epitaph

Write an epic poem with emphatic rhyme

Maybe make a video?


Look yourself in the mirror

Stroke it stroke it stroke it hot.


Now go do it commit the act and be a man

Leave a record politicize your life

Do it big the world’s your mob

Take out a president or supreme court justice.


Load a bullet in the chamber.

Shoot it shoot it shoot it straight.


Advocate violence, refuse to play

Fight to save your mind

We all have blood on our hands

What’s a little more?


Pretend you’re offended by these words

Killer you killer you killer you lie.


Nothing matters but yourself

Defend your jewels you’re all alone

If in the end you’re last alive

You win the world, only you.


Sit down eat your banquet all alone

Eat it, eat it, eat it choke.

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