August in the Office

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August in the office….


Long shadows, lazy scorching August, monsoon power clouds roiling in the east against clean blue skies; just another workday as I take the view in from the executive conference room window, its best feature, pretending earnestness while toiling jousting egos debate a “use-as-is” concern in a high reliability quality systems review – slide after slide, rinse then repeat, yawn, savoring my private mescaline dream from afar thru the window, lovely, while action items are created to review action items which surely will make fine lists to review next week, next month, next quarter, rinse then repeat, yawns are on order; oh there’s the GM just now making the scene, let’s begin again, yawn, could those thundersoons hurry just a little; pray for a power failure, the only redemption possible for this failure of meaning, how can this be? We restore people to full life?!?, “As far as I know yes”, I respond with my snake’s brain to a question that seemed to crave affirmation, was it that he should have known better, or was it that his intent was positive, it didn’t matter, they’ve moved on now; these monstersoons are boiling over in the distance, how can the sky be that blue? The tea is very good today! Oh now here they come again, what? Track him down, find him and have him report to us as soon as possible, the question is the usual, did he or didn’t he, “as far as I know yes”, that will be the answer, but we will track him down just the same, yes we will, put it on the list, right away, what time is it in a thunderhead? Why aren’t there two phone lines in here? Call her and order two – ego drives gratification immediacy – if I want it, therefore it is important, and therefore you, if you are doing your job you should know it is important, so make it so, do I have to explain this to you? This makes him angry I can tell, I hear the thunder, yes give it to us, wake us up, or at least free me from this moment, and briefly I am, then the tyranny of the office begins again, “heinous defects”, the GM chuckles, shares his cretin humor with his femordinate, she laughs in a spasm of servility, is she really bending over?, thunder rolls over us again, I think only I hear it, I am spared by its attraction, beware the overclassing of language with an underclass audience, it’s called a discussion, but how can this be when nobody listens yet talks, talks, talks frantically; discussions where nobody listens only to discuss vigorously are inventions of the ego to promote the myth of meetings. Then the eucalyptus tree, the only tree on the campus, derp parking lot, welcome to the industrial age, is transfigured by a blinding blue flash of light, truth delivered, it splinters, fries, comes crashing down, bisects our power source, the 350KV power line soaring over the gas storage tanks….arghhh, a beautiful August monsoon day it was at the office, the blue sky now frames a mushroom cloud, a flame thrower’s torch, my final blue sky, sublime, I am free, and my prayer answered, should be more cautious next time, the last blue sky for this office! We are all free.


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