Ode to Stairs

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Ode to Stairs

Small canyons hide in our monotony

In any city one story or too many

Everyday we climb them up then down again

Sometimes we do it over forgetting where we’ve been

Others do it once and then only for fun

Charity decides which stunt they make us run

Praying with our feet holding tight the rail

Little by little we climb to tell a tale

Of geography, both yours and mine in slow decline

Some going smoothly leaving impressions so fine

Others must hope for excavation to see the future

Imprints of their climb in trade to take the tour

Climbing souls all looking for their heaven

Trip back to the wall looking for a blessing

It’s in the journey taken at your word

Giving you a sign your prayers do not go unheard

Everyday the same, for every single step

Think of them on your front stoop as you reflect

You can see the wear the way you played

Slumping in late season in a saddle swayed

Like a nag to sell for which no one asks

Remember counting all the switchbacks

From the Phantom far below tranquility

Different kinds of stairs tell of our mobility

Altitudes have little influence on our aptitude

Some make a warning not to sit, it’s rude

Others make a fuss not to run or jump

Some people in a hurry may crash in a kabump

Take them two or three all at one

Coming down when you were young

How you learned pretending how to fly

Long before it occurred to think of why

Going up when you are old makes a creaking sound

Arriving puzzled forgetting what was to be found

Down again the squeaking comforts paying its respect

To these small canyons climbed every day and every step.

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