Rhyming Out Loud

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Rhyming Out Loud

Anniversary of a word that went with what

If only we knew we might have gone undefeated,

Target engorged, don’t even imagine that

The drone pilot could miss. Oh now you’ve overheated?

It’s always the people chasing the trolley

Or crazies like those states’ rights whores in Raleigh.

Whatever are they talking about?

Just snorting through lost and found for a thought?

If you pose me no queries

Skip to page five for more lies

See the randoms of pictures, none wearing ties

Are we blind to the dying? Can’t hear their cries?

Like a worm this stain colors us to the end of time

One day it may find you and force you to rhyme?

No sense in resisting, you will be disavowed

Just toss in a word and follow it follow the crowd.

Another year, then the fall and our colors will bleed

Chemistry writhes threads weave enchants your eyes

Like the very first glass when it freed light to stampede

Colors danced we smiled once more at the gift of new skies.


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